rendering SignWriting in "le vajrai se tadni"

NOTE: A new release of the "vajrai terctu" is avaible. That draft should be used in preference to the one here.

I've done the initial round of work to render SignWriting in "le vajrai se tadni" (The Universal Speed Curriculum). This document still contains only Part 1 of the Universal Speed Curriculum, but the sign language signs are now rendered in SignWriting rather than English.

The current version of the SignWriting Image Server (SWIS) renders in raster graphics. That is evident here, as the signs don't scale well, leaving them looking jagged. This artifacting is particularly bad on the screen. The printed document does in fact look marginally better.

The deeper problem is that the images aren't aligned along their baselines, like you would see in a typical font. This leaves individual words scaled disproportionately (the letteral "i," which I'm using for the lojban word ".i" is a particularly bad example) and not lined up with each other.

Despite the work remaining to render SignWriting beautifully, I think this document is improved enough to make a new release.

I've known about the existence of SignWriting for 5 days, and am really please with how easy it has been to bring my fluency to the level where I'm rendering signs both on this website and in the pdf material available here.

Let me know what you think about this document, as it is my first experiment with rendering SignWriting in print.

This draft is available for download: